Beck Live On SNL

This needs no words, I couldn't explain my glee if I tried anyway.


Monsters Of Folk; Great band

Not much to say here except, that is a great song, a great band, and a great feeling.


Ashley Warsaw

I Love Ashley Warsaw. Her Style is Poetic and Sultry. She's Also Just the sweetest human being In the world. I was in Savannah with her, and her ideas are simply inspiring. I stumbled upon her Coroflot acount today. Spend some time with it, the things she makes fascinate me.

Built in USB adapter for regular outlet!

Not to much can be said about how Convienient this is. I'm Floored Sometimes by things like this, the brilliant juxstoposition of  A classic American Fixture , and a Internationally contemporary Architype. Bravo.


I (Heart) Major Lazer

We all Know and Love Major Lazer, but unlike most, I just can't get over them.  Above is the BBC Radio 1 essential Mix. Below is The Pon De Floor Video. Now  read the Wiki background blurb if you don't know, and catch you ass up.

"Major Lazer is a fictional animated character,[1] who (according to press releases) fought as a Jamaican commando and lost his arm in a secret zombie war in 1984.[2] He fights vampires and various monsters, parties hard, and has a rocket-powered hoverboard.
Made up of DJs Diplo and Switch, the two were introduced after working with M.I.A.. The duo's first album, Guns Don't Kill People... Lazers Do was released on June 16, 2009 on Downtown Records. It was recorded in Jamaica at Tuff Gong Studios. Vocalists such as Santigold, Vybz Kartel, Ward 21, Busy Signal, Nina Sky, Amanda Blank, Mr. Vegas, Turbulence, Mapei, T.O.K, Prince Zimboo, Leftside and others contribute guest vocals to the album, as well as additional production from Afrojack and Crookers. [3] This is the first release to come out of the label partnership between Downtown Records and Diplo's label Mad Decent. [4]
Major Lazer ended a US tour last summer.[5] The album's first single was "Hold the Line", the video for which, directed by Ferry Gouw, was nominated for a MTV Video Award in the Breakthrough Video category. The track "Zumbi" has a music video that features comedian Andy Milonakis.[6] Music videos for the songs "Pon de Floor" and "Keep It Going Louder" were both directed by Eric Wareheim."

NOW STOP SLEEPING, and love this album, or like a couple married for 25 years, take this album to counseling and fall in love all over again.



Kate Clark

 I encountered Kate Clark for the first time last year at the show Uber-Portrait at the Bellevue Arts Museum, she absolutely stole the show in my opinion.  The figures ride the line between repulsive, and inviting, Shocking, and intriguing.  I love her work and feel we will see a lot more of Kate Clark in the future .


Artist Statement

Studying the tension between personal and mythical realms, I create sculpture that synthesizes the human face into the body of wild animals. Initially, these forms can be shocking and repelling as viewers both recognize and reject their presence. The disruptive alignment of the intimate face and animal body asserts that human experience is mostly contained, a mask which is incomprehensible and psychologically complex.

We bring assumptions to any contemplation of the wild. We project unease, a response to what we understand to be primitive, unrestrained, even dangerous.

The tamed face, our face, is a mirror reflecting safety and cultivation. Emotion is caught in the eyes, the mouth, the tilt of the head. A single life, with its private and unique history, gazes back at us.

The visible seams themselves are there to remind the viewer that I’ve undone the exotic and wild to construct portraits which ask you to embrace contradiction. One can seek out themselves in the vulnerability of expression, while confronting a shifting and uncertain relationship: underlying violence beneath a guise of control.


Will Smith Medley by the Pearl and Beard

Pearl and the Beard - Will Smith Medley from Goddamn Cobras Collective on Vimeo.

I was a massive Will Smith fan when I was a a little youngster.  So to smash all of his songs into a three minutes, well that's as brilliant as a double stuffed Oreo. Brooklyn Based Trio Pearl and Beard are astonishingly fun, and gentle, refreshingly quirky, and forcefully real. This throaty American Roots inspired music is sure to establish itself, due to the marvelous interplay between the singers. Now the Video is done by a group Called the God Damn Cobras, they are also based out of Brooklyn, the work I've seen from then Is also just slightly off in the best way one can mean that. They seem to nail a mood point that many have been trying to for years now. The group seems to understand exactly how to light the serendipitous attitude of our generation. They are sort of able to capture just what everyone was thinking. So Put Simply I am a fan, and I raise my glass to some fantastic work.


Coffee Ring Bangle

I Made this bangle A few weeks ago, and It is based off the wine rings that are left when you remove your glass from the napkin. I loved the colour, and I alson loved that maroon with the chocolate brown of coffee rings. So I made a sterling hinged bangle in order to hold 100 rings. I was looking at a lot of coffee and food related works for school, This is the final piece from that research. I looked at the Dutch painters who liked to paint still life's of tables that had been abandoned by the feast goers, and all the metaphors that can be drawn from them.  I was also looking at many other ideas, and hopefully i can continue with those, for i feel they are equally if not more valid than this. please criticism is incredibly useful, if you have the time let me know what you do and, do not like. big love-Kyle


This Is a coffee table I made a few months back I was very proud to be able to give to Kan Ando, An Incredible Designer I have the pleasure to know. It's made of reclaimed plywood, and Steel.

This is a detail of the pattern I painted on it over the stain, It's heavily influenced by one of my favorite artists David Ellis, he's a spectacular artist working out of New york, I'll drop a post on him After the Jump.
This is a detail of a laser etching that i produced from one of my sketches of a Soulful and Compassionate woman named Nancey who I have known my whole life. I like to draw people as i FEEL they exshit rather than how I physically see them, I feel there is more personal truth in that, than a direct translation of there physical appearance.

I made this Coffee table  completely out of reclaimed pieces I found at Stubbs Scrap yard in Savannah Georgia,  It is made of an old Schwinn bicycle and the hood of an old Sky blue MG . The cactus I found in my room, i guess I re purposed that rather than reclaimed. It was made for the average Daisy Duke lovin, Trailer livin, Southerner.

A wedding ring for those with commitment issues.

This is a ring I made trying to look at personal protection, I wanted to make something that could be worn by a guy with commitment issues. If ever any relationship went uncomfortably to far, the man could light the ring, burn the girl and leave protected. I also just thought it was rather striking visually. Hopefully I can post other images of my work later. Thankyou.


Ramona Falls "I Say Fever" from Barsuk Records on Vimeo.

Rammona Falls
I Say Fever

incredible animation by Stefan Nadelman
I don't know why I have been so hot for music videos lately, but who's complaining?


well, apparently this band takes great care in the video stages of there artistic endeavors. This video is equally as good as the last one I posted, Sorry to be repetitive, but hey.  Any Way this video was done by a fantastic artist named Allison Schulnik and she has done the entire video for them. i'm very impressed to say the least, it reminds me a good bit of Jean-Michelle Basquiat  for some reason.


I Love Grizzly Bears "Two Weeks" Video

TheVideo for Grizzly Bear's Video "Two Weeks" is fantastic. It's Really well thought out on all levels, First Aesthetically it is pleasing, the colours are up and pleasent, which contrasts ironically to the actual songs over all feeling.  The Song itself  I think is about being overly passive with your emotions in some kind of  relationship. For example "Would you always, Maybe sometimes, Make it easy, Take your time"  persuading the other so timidly that it is useless. But the actuall video does not just mimick the song, the video is used to push the idea, to further the story. As the band members start to smile and glow as they sing I think that is the build up of emotion inside them. So overall, the song and the video urge the viewer to not count themselves second otherwise eventually it will come out and the relationship (video/ Song) will end, this idea is supported by the title of the song, as in a two weeks notice.Over all I love it. Just my thoughts let me know what your take is.


Heath Ledger Directed N'fa Forster-Jones Video

Another Video by the late great Heath Ledger.


R.I.P OL' Dirty Bastard

I Love The ODB.

Neoon Indian Track

Neon Indian Mp3
A coyote politics remix of " should have taken Acid with you" It's tasty.

The Carter 2009

I'm excited for this to be out so i can cop it.


Jacqueline Ryan; Queen of Gold

Jacqueline Ryan is a personal hero for obvious reasons. She is by far and away my favorite goldsmith,she pushes the art forward constantly. Jacqueline Ryan please dig.


How Kettners's Got It's Napolianic Groove Back

The Soho Restaurant and Bar Kettner's Just Got a nose job, a tummy tuck, and a lift. And Damn they look great.  They went under the knife of Ilse Crawford,

and incredible designer and come out with a somewhat retro-french contemporary look that shoots tingles through the body. Certainly now far more female friendly, Kettner's newly found Parisian Glamor will keep you in your seat for hours. Be it Brunch, Lunch or Dinner Kettner's really has re invented themselves.

The Latest pair of Sneakersfrom Stampd' LA

I like Shoes, But I love these. If you are a true baller, click the link peruse the shoes, and cop the drop because these are crack.
Stampd' LA

Anish Kapoor At the Royal Academy of Arts

An Absolutely astounding show, Kapoor has pushed art, and sculpture forward in a monumental way.
I saw this show for the second time today, and i must press you to go if you can. Here is a link to the Royal Academy of Arts Website.

Royal Academy of Arts

Sam Wolfe Connelly

Here's an Artist I have Had the Pleasure of knowing. He is too good, if there is such a thing.
Incredible Work, Check it out.

Sam Wolfe Connelly's Portfolio

The Inaugural Communiqué

So Charles Mingus wrote an Album Called Black Saint and The Sinner Lady.
It goes incredibly well with Subway trains and Coffee.
One of my favorites.
Needless to say I love Jazz. So here is a play list I put together that goes well with Coffee and Trains.
Mingus, Coltrane, The Duke, and others.

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