Bloody Beetroots @ The Coronet Theatre

So the Coronet has a club series on at the moment called together. It's Spectacular, I went again on friday to See a line up from heaven. Does it offend you, Herve, Kissy Sellout, AND THE FUCKING BLOODY BEETROOTS! The Beetroots took the night for me, so intense,  I was in such a trance. Especially after listening to there album Romborama for the last two weeks, I was amped. They spit vodka all over the crowd hurling the bottles deep into the dance floor. Screaming, yelling , smoking, Danceing, are just a small part of what made this performance great. The music is so well done, that it's hard to listen and not want to dance and fight.

Now iff the Bloody beetroots where like having a huge fight with you girl friend(in the best way possible). Kissy Sellout was the make up sex till 5 am. Mind bendingly funky, he mixed in Michael Jackson, Queen and others to present a house mix that melted your face.

look for the coronets line up in the futer, Digitalism, Felix Da Housecat, Uffie, Cassius, Kavinsky, and Boyz Noise  are just a few coming in late April.


Pocko Times X Selfridges = Museum of Small things

I went to this exhibition earlier today, I thought it was fantastic. The collection of pieces is varied, you'll find installation,  jewellery, Animation, and sclupture all arranged in a maze of Mirrored walls. Artists like Ben Newman, Philip Treacey, and Naomi Filmer come together in an unexpectedly cohesive way. Praise to whomever curated the exhibition.  
I Met The Walrus By James Braithwaite
Was amongst my favorite works.
I Met The Walrus from . on Vimeo.

Tear Drops Blossom from Michael Aubtin Madadi on Vimeo.
Yet another work I really enjoyed Called 
Tear Drops Blossom
Michael Aubtin Madadi

Over all I must say I really enjoyed this exhibition, I liked it more than Decode at the V&A, and I found it different but equally as intriguing as The Empire Strikes Back thats at Saatchi right now. What a splendid find. Please treat yourself to it, It's free, however I think it closes very soon.

Acid Girls - The Numbers Song

Acid Girls - The Numbers Song from IHEARTCOMIX Records on Vimeo.

The Bloody Beetroots feat. Steve Aoki - Warp

The Bloody Beetroots feat. Steve Aoki - Warp from Francesco Calabrese on Vimeo.

Directed By Francesco Calabrese, I love this video.