This Is a coffee table I made a few months back I was very proud to be able to give to Kan Ando, An Incredible Designer I have the pleasure to know. It's made of reclaimed plywood, and Steel.

This is a detail of the pattern I painted on it over the stain, It's heavily influenced by one of my favorite artists David Ellis, he's a spectacular artist working out of New york, I'll drop a post on him After the Jump.
This is a detail of a laser etching that i produced from one of my sketches of a Soulful and Compassionate woman named Nancey who I have known my whole life. I like to draw people as i FEEL they exshit rather than how I physically see them, I feel there is more personal truth in that, than a direct translation of there physical appearance.

I made this Coffee table  completely out of reclaimed pieces I found at Stubbs Scrap yard in Savannah Georgia,  It is made of an old Schwinn bicycle and the hood of an old Sky blue MG . The cactus I found in my room, i guess I re purposed that rather than reclaimed. It was made for the average Daisy Duke lovin, Trailer livin, Southerner.

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