Iggy Azalea.....I Fuck with this. If anybody knows this girl, I want to give her jewellery.

PU$$Y....this girl makes Kreayshawn look siily


Chromeo X Darryl Hall (Hall & Oates)

This actually happened. How genius/ perfect/ unexpected. Theres a couple other video's floating about the youtubes from that session worth checking out.

The Do -Too insistent

I can't get over girl singers yet


Shabazz Palaces - "Black Up" from WHAT MATTERS MOST on Vimeo.

All I can Say is that I wishthis was a feature length musical.Shabazz Palaces is Ishmael Butler( heres the cool bit) formerly known as butterfly from the Digible Planets.....mind melting I know. Hip Hop icons Digible planets are a favorite of mine, the track that they are known for is the rebirth of cool. I've posted it cause it's a neck breaker. So Ishmael / Palaceer Lazaro as he goes by these days is going on my hero list for being a giant chunk in two different projects that I see as progressive.Both sounds are ahead of there time, and I think its wild he is a masive part of both of them.


Lea Dalissier-Monento Mori

Memento Mori from lea dalissier on Vimeo.

Never Heard of Lea Dalissier,FOOL! I'll forgive you though, shes underground. I love her to bits, shes an amazing friend, and an absolutely mind melting, universe transcending, life inspirirngly good creative. Her illustrations are nothing but class. For her thesis at central saint martins she has done an entire project surrounding the celebration of death in various cultures focusing in on Dia De los Muertos, a Mexican tradition of celebrating the dead. She kindly asked to feature some of my jewellery in it as well, The video is great, and I am nothing but proud to say my work is in this video. Check out her website and her online portfolio to she what she can do with a pen, its impressive to understate it.



Exhibit A.) Freinds lead singer Samantha Urbani has this voice is so effortlessly sad. As if she doesnt care about caring so damn much. This has way past 50 plays on my ipod, and I'd like someone to tell her I think she should buy me dinner, I'd probably let her get to second base on the first date i like her so much.

Exhibit B.)
The Dum Dum Girls. They where introduced to me as like 'fuzz pop', or like 'contemporary pysch buzz something' I dont remember nor do i care how youd like to classify them. They play great songs both albums from them that I have I love. They cover a perfect spectrum topically, and even though they do have a very specific sound, they don't fall into repetition which is the downfall of many a good band
...and whatch a video, because they are gorgeous girls whom again i would let use me.

Exhibit C.)...ish) Right So another band with a girl singer who i dig is X they are from L.A. circa late 70's (throwback Jam. Basics punk was all like ' I'm up in this bitch' And X was all like 'the fuck yes you are' and they had gorgeous times together. I chose this band even though its a co-singer band with a dude and a chick, because I'm so rebelious i dont even adhere to my own rules and standards. And the are way to cool to miss out on, also check out the tune 'SEX BEAT'.

Girls are fucking awesome. CASE FUCKING CLOSED.

Taprikk Sweezee- Repolyx

If L.A. Bass met glitch on some drunk night out, they met space disco, and all had an LSD induced threesome...that's this album. A Glitchy neckbreaker that'll make you late night creep like a bad man.

VOLT from chichirik on Vimeo.


People think i dress shwanky

THis was found a few weeks back by my roomate, it's a bit of a laugh, but i won't lie my shallow ass has watched 4 or 5 times. The jewellery does look good though which at the end of the day is whats important to me


Le Homard Films

This was on some heavy heavy tip. Love it.


I have pretty looking friends, but they got some heavy press. that skull is getting around. Massive press slut. But Cat, Jack, and Sarah are mates of the highest order.

Right So that was WILL HAZELL's Photo's,. He's my Genius. And that was stuff from fashion week. Big BIG thanks to everyone who helped make it possible. February is right around the corner, so if ya feel like helping me.......do it.


right at some point my jewellery falls ito water in this video. It's Done By one of my stockists Bengt, they are cool. BUY MY SHIT FOOLS, aint nothin goin on but the rent. Well maybe except fashion Week, that shit was cool. Allistair guy took a picture http://alistairguy.blogspot.com/2011/09/london-fashion-week-ss12-exhibition.html
Thats his blog, hes a very cool dude, with a blog that almost makes me jealous.Cause it's all about the rad shit hes does. Had the pleasure of chatting with him at LFW, I must confirm the perceived radness that his blog emits about him.

Nurses - Fever Dreams


Tom Vec-Aroused

I'll admit the video is a bit angsty, but we must forgive Mr. Vec, because this tune is catchy.


this is on the other end of the angsty spectrum completely, shits so angsty I do dig.


Banger with extra steaze on da side


Chie Aoki Human Growth

I can't tell whether Chie is turning humans to blobs, or blobs to humans, I hope that's on purpose. It raises loads of questions and hits on a very guttural level.


Richard Phillips- Lindsey Lohan

So I don't know if I care what you, The Internet, Thinks, but my perception of Lohan was just flipped upside down by a few sleek camera tricks. I don't know who's to congratulate on an awesome video, Lohan or Phillips, but either way, nice one.



Orelha Negro - Aggresive Urban Intervention

I mean shit, he just blew pictures into wall....I mean fuckin Hell, thats the Dogs balls right there


Micronauts- Reaction

The Micronauts "Reaction" directed by Danakil from Basic Films on Vimeo.

I know I don't have to explain why this is dope. Great song + a 13 yaer old boy's greatest fantasy. So dope...SO so dope.


I Can't hear the Left Side Of The World Anymore, But it Was Ten Kinds Of Worth It.

Heres TRhe Flyer From Last Night, And Here was the Line Up.

Kutmah DJ Sketchbook / Hit+Run / Dublab | LA
Dorian Concept LIVE Kindred Spirits | Vienna
Teebs LIVE Brainfeeder | LA
Jams LIVE Earnest Endeavours | LA
Patchwork Pirates DJ Earnest Endeavours | LDN

 Mixtape # 1 and 2

KUTMAH "The New Error" Vol. 1 (sampler) by HIT+RUN

Jams F. Kennedy - A Heart-Breaking Work of Swagger & G Ness by Earnest Endeavours

So Basically I wasn't up on anybody playing save Teebs, who my boy jack put me onto about 2 weeks ago. The whole even was an after party for the opening Of Kutmah's Show at Protein, the Drawings he did in Jail in New Mexico with a pencil and a ID Card. Drawings where cool, the story makes them cool though I think. Anyway the After Party had a couple key features I'm gonna lay on yah. They had a free t-shirt : CRUCIAL. Live T-shirt Screen printing made to order: SO CRUCIAL. Kutmah Mixtape for free: Fuckin CRUCIAL. Another Mixtape by Honest Endeavours: SOLD I'm goin. Any way the Show was to say the least, deep. Shit kinda pulled you down into an 8-bit Tar pit of Raw molasses and dirty sex. Basically BIG UPS and GOOD LOOKS on a the Show.


Though Shalt Always Kill

Here is another little sonsing sonsing that i dig By Dan Le Sac

Boy With A Coin

Really enjoying this song and the video right now.



 Kids these days are all robot porn, and space cocaine. It's nice to finally see the strung out, up on speed for four days, have sex for money and fame side to disco get its glamour back. For a long time Disco has been Kitsch, But here in the future year 2011, They cured aids in Monkeys, so the decade long Siberian Sex Orgy is back on Baby! I for one am excited, the return of the hypnotic bass building, with the controlled symbol work that made disco sound so disco, new artist like these guys, are reinventing the sound.  So put on Some ridiculous looking shit, get high on something your pretty sure you've done before, and go to the Disco from Space.


This is Just good if not better than the original

Mount Kimbie

Na na, na NAW I love this, the video is cool def over artsy, but the songs a jam so you can't deny the overall product. Plus Mount Kimbie  has been cooler than you for a long time, so shut up Haters.