I Love Grizzly Bears "Two Weeks" Video

TheVideo for Grizzly Bear's Video "Two Weeks" is fantastic. It's Really well thought out on all levels, First Aesthetically it is pleasing, the colours are up and pleasent, which contrasts ironically to the actual songs over all feeling.  The Song itself  I think is about being overly passive with your emotions in some kind of  relationship. For example "Would you always, Maybe sometimes, Make it easy, Take your time"  persuading the other so timidly that it is useless. But the actuall video does not just mimick the song, the video is used to push the idea, to further the story. As the band members start to smile and glow as they sing I think that is the build up of emotion inside them. So overall, the song and the video urge the viewer to not count themselves second otherwise eventually it will come out and the relationship (video/ Song) will end, this idea is supported by the title of the song, as in a two weeks notice.Over all I love it. Just my thoughts let me know what your take is.

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  1. i LOVE Grizzly Bear! didn't know you knew about them :D
    hadn't seen the video before but i like it, so simple but still really good.
    btw, follow my new blog :)
    E xox