Coffee Ring Bangle

I Made this bangle A few weeks ago, and It is based off the wine rings that are left when you remove your glass from the napkin. I loved the colour, and I alson loved that maroon with the chocolate brown of coffee rings. So I made a sterling hinged bangle in order to hold 100 rings. I was looking at a lot of coffee and food related works for school, This is the final piece from that research. I looked at the Dutch painters who liked to paint still life's of tables that had been abandoned by the feast goers, and all the metaphors that can be drawn from them.  I was also looking at many other ideas, and hopefully i can continue with those, for i feel they are equally if not more valid than this. please criticism is incredibly useful, if you have the time let me know what you do and, do not like. big love-Kyle


  1. Awesome man! My only crit might be putting a pop of maybe neon blue in there or something? It might be going against what you had originally intended, but i think it might look good with a strong accent. keep it up!

  2. NICE! totally agree, Contrast!Holler good looks.

  3. Kyle,
    Actually, I love the muted chocolate/brown/rose colors all by themselves! Besides, in my opinion, this piece is all about the texture. I could totally see a fabulous necklace in a similar fashion.... You are the full Nelson!
    Ms. J