Will Smith Medley by the Pearl and Beard

Pearl and the Beard - Will Smith Medley from Goddamn Cobras Collective on Vimeo.

I was a massive Will Smith fan when I was a a little youngster.  So to smash all of his songs into a three minutes, well that's as brilliant as a double stuffed Oreo. Brooklyn Based Trio Pearl and Beard are astonishingly fun, and gentle, refreshingly quirky, and forcefully real. This throaty American Roots inspired music is sure to establish itself, due to the marvelous interplay between the singers. Now the Video is done by a group Called the God Damn Cobras, they are also based out of Brooklyn, the work I've seen from then Is also just slightly off in the best way one can mean that. They seem to nail a mood point that many have been trying to for years now. The group seems to understand exactly how to light the serendipitous attitude of our generation. They are sort of able to capture just what everyone was thinking. So Put Simply I am a fan, and I raise my glass to some fantastic work.

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