Radiant Child

I'm incredibly excited to get my dirty mits on this. He is a hero to me.


Latest Necklace

This necklace is based on the tactile quality of waves, I've always imagined waves as little finger tips that rush to shore and  reach as far up the beach as they can. Each finger is hollow, as to add to the effect of water. The fingers crash together, and create a sound much like a  I am very happy with this piece, it's made from bronze, and Will Hazell took the photo.  Hopefully I will be scanning and posting my design process soon.

Old Ring New Pictures

This is a ring I made a few months back, I think I have posted this on the blog before, but I re took photos, and I like these MUCH more. Let me know what you think if you have the time. Thanks


Pump Up The Jam

The Lost Fingers made my day with this track.

I think these guys only do covers, but I love everything. Amazing. They also did Billie Jean.




THROW SOME D'S ON IT, Ill mash-up by The white panda, Ke$sha VS the worlds most ballingest forehead Rich Boy. It Crack like rock so  click the link, shake your ass, and... Rich Boy sellin' crack dope niggas wanna jack shit tight no slack just bought a Cadillac(THROW SOME D'S ON DA BITCH!!)just bought a Cadillac(THROW SOME D'S ON DAT BITCH!!)just bought a Cadillac(THROW SOME D'S ON DAT BITCH!!)
^that's the link to the song^ 

and to follow that up,
Sigur Ros Vs. Mobb Deep shook
 yes that is as cool as it sounds, By Emancipator
Sigur Ros vs Mobb Deep - Shook (Mobb Deep And Sigur Ros .mp3
Found at bee mp3 search engine

To round out this mash-up trilogy
Coldplay VS. MGMT VS. Daft Punk-Kids in Technicolor
Its a really tasty slice of Audio Cake, Grab a chunk.
Coldplay vs MGMT vs Daft Punk - Kids In Technicolor (Knights R .mp3
Found at bee mp3 search engine


Die Antwoord-Taking Over the Interweb


Don't ask me how I found this, But these guys are mesmerizing. They are out of Zuid AfriKa.....or at least thats what they say. Die Antwoord is almost disturbingly out there, and for the life of me I can't tell whats real and whats a show. And I really couldnt care less, because I am in such Aw right now.  The album will be a free download, released by Magnetron Music out of Amsterdam. I Will Cop That!

Enter the Ninja


Other people all bloggin about me...the hell?

So Me and my man Mickey found this blog about a piece of mine the other day. Man I'm just laughing, it's very cool indeed to feel like I'm not just wasting my time. She got every fact twisted at least a little bit, but it just feels nice to have somebody actually posting my work because they want to show it to people. I didn't really see that coming. Any way the title to this post is a link to that blog/site, hit it up talk loads of shit about how I'm fuckin dope and how you want to see some crazy in depth behind the scenes jump off, so I can hustle up some Skrilla on this beast!



Miniature Studies

I made these in order to experiment with translating a narrative into form, The book was "In Cold Blood" by Truman Capote. They deal with different plots and aspects of the book, but I tried to abstract those literal situations into abstract forms that had a feeling to them.

New Rings

With these pieces I wanted to talk about how through childhood conditioning, any society contains and holds one to  certain and specific values and morals, that if unquestioned contain you. They are both sterling, the square shaped one is a two finger ring. The two finger ring I like alot because I feel it expresses how that societal conditioning isnt always visible but is, none the less, still there.
I believe these pieces are certainly succesfull as works of art, however the 1 finger ring is hard to wear. The two finger ring happens to be very comfortable. I wore it on a massive night out and people (Drunk Girls)wouldnt shut-up. Funny, but tiresome. The ring at first looks like a clean simple two finger ring, but when you inspect it, you get that tasty second level(meaning). Holler More stuff in the works, So stay following this beastly ass blog. Big Love.