I Can't hear the Left Side Of The World Anymore, But it Was Ten Kinds Of Worth It.

Heres TRhe Flyer From Last Night, And Here was the Line Up.

Kutmah DJ Sketchbook / Hit+Run / Dublab | LA
Dorian Concept LIVE Kindred Spirits | Vienna
Teebs LIVE Brainfeeder | LA
Jams LIVE Earnest Endeavours | LA
Patchwork Pirates DJ Earnest Endeavours | LDN

 Mixtape # 1 and 2

KUTMAH "The New Error" Vol. 1 (sampler) by HIT+RUN

Jams F. Kennedy - A Heart-Breaking Work of Swagger & G Ness by Earnest Endeavours

So Basically I wasn't up on anybody playing save Teebs, who my boy jack put me onto about 2 weeks ago. The whole even was an after party for the opening Of Kutmah's Show at Protein, the Drawings he did in Jail in New Mexico with a pencil and a ID Card. Drawings where cool, the story makes them cool though I think. Anyway the After Party had a couple key features I'm gonna lay on yah. They had a free t-shirt : CRUCIAL. Live T-shirt Screen printing made to order: SO CRUCIAL. Kutmah Mixtape for free: Fuckin CRUCIAL. Another Mixtape by Honest Endeavours: SOLD I'm goin. Any way the Show was to say the least, deep. Shit kinda pulled you down into an 8-bit Tar pit of Raw molasses and dirty sex. Basically BIG UPS and GOOD LOOKS on a the Show.


Though Shalt Always Kill

Here is another little sonsing sonsing that i dig By Dan Le Sac

Boy With A Coin

Really enjoying this song and the video right now.



 Kids these days are all robot porn, and space cocaine. It's nice to finally see the strung out, up on speed for four days, have sex for money and fame side to disco get its glamour back. For a long time Disco has been Kitsch, But here in the future year 2011, They cured aids in Monkeys, so the decade long Siberian Sex Orgy is back on Baby! I for one am excited, the return of the hypnotic bass building, with the controlled symbol work that made disco sound so disco, new artist like these guys, are reinventing the sound.  So put on Some ridiculous looking shit, get high on something your pretty sure you've done before, and go to the Disco from Space.


This is Just good if not better than the original

Mount Kimbie

Na na, na NAW I love this, the video is cool def over artsy, but the songs a jam so you can't deny the overall product. Plus Mount Kimbie  has been cooler than you for a long time, so shut up Haters.