Will Hazell: Portrait and Video

This project by Will Hazell I thought to be brilliant. First things first when he displays it, the videos are displayed in a portrait format a.k.a. he flips the screens on their sides making them portrait. Simple thought, but a little bit revolutionary if i don't say so myself. Then he also has the an incredibly sensitive eye for shots. He sets up his shot he doesn't just shoot what he sees. He Also manages to invite the viewer in such a way that there is not outward pressure other than the beauty of the videos, and he lets the viewer come to their own conclusions rather than assuming they need direction, and must be "led" into meaning. I love his work.

Kyle Hopkins // Rain Dance from Will Hazell on Vimeo.
I got to help will with this video, and it was an honor.

Isabella [Portrait] from Will Hazell on Vimeo.
This is my favorite piece of his, Give it ALL of your attention. Also make sure you expand the video to whole screen.

Sketch book work for Neo Trbalism Collection

I wanted to explain how i design, because my work is so heavily reliant on research and development.
I start by compiling hundreds of images, piles of text, and tons of other artists works. I then move into a sketchbook of collage. I try to touch the core feelings of the difefrent things I'm looking at. For this project I tried to understand what makes a tribe work. Then Once i hace one hundred pages or so of these collages I move to another sketch book that starts to look at what I want to do, or say with the collection. This and the first sketchbook help me narrow down into design pages and from there I can get more specific with my designs. I will reach my final pieces soon after that.