Lea Dalissier-Monento Mori

Memento Mori from lea dalissier on Vimeo.

Never Heard of Lea Dalissier,FOOL! I'll forgive you though, shes underground. I love her to bits, shes an amazing friend, and an absolutely mind melting, universe transcending, life inspirirngly good creative. Her illustrations are nothing but class. For her thesis at central saint martins she has done an entire project surrounding the celebration of death in various cultures focusing in on Dia De los Muertos, a Mexican tradition of celebrating the dead. She kindly asked to feature some of my jewellery in it as well, The video is great, and I am nothing but proud to say my work is in this video. Check out her website and her online portfolio to she what she can do with a pen, its impressive to understate it.

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