Survive Style 5 +

To put this blunty, for Fucks sake all movies need to take notes on this Film. A whirling Surrealist spectacle, based loosley enough in reality to become incredibly relatable and touching, but not loosley enough to pay attention to pay heed to concepts like gravity, physics, or death.  Survive Style 5 + takes five 5 seemingly unrelated characters, situations, and plots to twirl them into scenes that shock, confuse, and dazzle. Written byTaku Tada, and directed Gen Sekiguchi this film manages to ask so many questions, answer a few of them, and leave the audience with just enough food for thought, so that it sticks in your head like a good hot chocolate coats your throat.  A Japanese film released in 2004, it highlights actors like Tadanobu Asano, Vinnie Jones, and Sonny Chiba  playing refreshingly obscure roles.
It feels as if Takashi Murakami, made love to Octapussy in a swingers lounge on LSD, and this film was the mind blowing culmination. Sets designed to truly a perfect level, Shots composed in a way that I hadn't ever seen before. The Acting is so spectacular that on of the five plots is played out almost entirely without words, and is at the same time touching, tragic, and hilarious. 

 The story seems composed like a parable, but one in wich the final message is undefined enough to leave space for a sense of wonder. All in all, this film really left me drooling for more, I can't say I have seen this caliber of film in a horrendousley long time. Please find and watch this film you guys.

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