Kehinde Wiley

Kehinde Wiley, A brilliant painter out of South Central Los Angeles. His angle on his Subject Matter is fresh to say the least. He compliments it wonderfully with a well honed love of craft. His pieces are arresting to say the least, Captivating, and stirring. His Colours are magnificent. Go to his Website and enjoy I have only posted a few works here, but he has an extensive collection of work. All of this Caliber.these pieces are massive, 6-8 feet tall, they tower over you in just another reference to classical hero portraiture, an aspect that Wiley is completely cognitive of, he actively uses these references in order to question those figures, and of course the figures he presents us, hood figures. Over all I am blown away by Kehinde Wiley, Spectacular Subject married with other worldly craft, and timed perfectly.


  1. Sorry the first two images are cut off, try and click on the link to see the whole image, they are spectacular.

  2. Ah! I remember seeing his work in Juxtapoz. Great stuff Kyle.

  3. I was going to buy his book, but then it was a MASSIVE rip off cause it was really thin