Last Night


 It was one of those nights that is on your mind all week long. Like an Oasis from your day to day. It almost mocked monday through friday. But when Saturday comes and you are going to go see Boys Noize, Well to say the least, you bug out.

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First we had to prepare, the face paint was a new thing for us, but I at least gor really into it. It was as if we where writing our intentions for the night across our foreheads so that everyone knew we wanted to loose it completely.  We started Painting at about 7:30 pm, and by 9:30 we where dancing around the kitchen giddy with the anticipation of what might just happen.
the tube was an expierience look at the guy in the black coat and red scarf in front on the right. I've never seen someone try so hard to avoid eye contact. He pretended as if we were not there untill he could be sure no one was watching, then he and the rest of the tube looked at us as if we where wild hoodlums on our way to destroy all that England stands for.
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But when we got to the theatre and saw what our night was looking like it could be the best yet, well I for one, went a bit stir crazy. Just waiting for the dj to take up to the level.

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But a small time passed before he had seamlessly taken it from mellow to intense the crowd moved to the dance floor with a unified intention of going hard. From there on it was Nothing but intense. Fever Ray had designed the stage set and the lighting which added to the night so much. I've posted her work before, and this was just what i would expect from her. Three massive TV screens flanked the artists and littered about the stage where 10 ft high poles covered in colour changing L.E.D.s. The video playing behind the artists ranged from ice cream bars melting to human heart beating. Native Americans danced and 50's housewives posed in their kitchens. Books stacked, and lungs filled and compressed in a basin. Provocative to say the least. But Without the DJ's the night would have been nothing They all brought an amazing set to the coronet. Playing songs that grab you by the soul and scream "STAND THE FUCK UP, AND DANCE FOR YOUR LIFE" You can Feel it deep down when its just right. You can taste the atmosphere, breathe the anticipation, and sweat away everything. 3:00 AM,  4:00AM, 5:00 AM slip away unnoticeable as you move on a heaving dance floor. It doesnt last forever though, 6:00AM rolls around way faster than you would think, leaving you free of anything that once plagued you. Literally, and figuratively it is a new day when you leave.  You walk the streets with all the Suits awake for work, or church, whaqtever they fill their lives with, wanting nothing more than to grab them, shake life into them, and make them fucking dance. Such a feeling I had never felt before I found these nights. The tube  ride is 10 times longer then it's ever been, that time is good time though, a general contentedness floats around the crew. There is pride too in this. We go hard, harder than before, and harder still. We don't give a fuck if you don't like our makeup, or our music. We could give a shit if they think we do drugs and trip out to flashy light, or that we are a bunch of attention deficit problem children. Because we are not, we've found something to great to let such petty nothings worry us. Let us go, and keep going till they throw us out

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