New Rings

With these pieces I wanted to talk about how through childhood conditioning, any society contains and holds one to  certain and specific values and morals, that if unquestioned contain you. They are both sterling, the square shaped one is a two finger ring. The two finger ring I like alot because I feel it expresses how that societal conditioning isnt always visible but is, none the less, still there.
I believe these pieces are certainly succesfull as works of art, however the 1 finger ring is hard to wear. The two finger ring happens to be very comfortable. I wore it on a massive night out and people (Drunk Girls)wouldnt shut-up. Funny, but tiresome. The ring at first looks like a clean simple two finger ring, but when you inspect it, you get that tasty second level(meaning). Holler More stuff in the works, So stay following this beastly ass blog. Big Love.

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